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LinuxWorld Magazine's editor-in-chief Kevin Bedell recently met with professor Eben Moglen of Columbia University. Eben's the general counsel for the Free Software Foundation; here he shares with LWM readers his insight on the distribution of culture and information in our Internet world. LWM: Eben, can you give us a little background on some of your work with the FSF and how you got involved? What kind of things have you done together? Eben Moglen: I became involved with the Free Software Foundation back in 1992. I had been representing a man called Phillip Zimmerman, the author of a computer program called Pretty Good Privacy, PGP. Richard Stallman saw some press coverage of my representation of Zimmerman and wrote to me asking if I could help him with a legal problem which was personal to Stallman, not the business of the FSF, and I represented him in connection wit... (more)

Linux.SYS-CON.com's Editor Responds to SCO CEO's Open Letter

In his open letter to the open source community Darl McBride states, "it is clear that the Open Source community needs a business model that is sustainable if it is to grow beyond a part-time avocation into an enterprise-trusted development model." I have news for you, Darl -- a new business model has already been invented. You're just not a part of it. Whether using the Apache Web server, Linux, gcc, make, Apache Tomcat, PHP, or one of the many, many other open source packages, virtually every company today is heavily dependent upon open source. Virtually everyone. The 'collabor... (more)

The Art of UNIX Programming

"Those who do not understand UNIX are doomed to reinvent it, poorly." – Henry Spencer, Usenet signature, November 1987 So begins the first chapter of Eric Raymond's newest book, The Art of UNIX Programming. In the pages that follow Eric does his best to make sure readers do understand UNIX by bringing them along on a journey beginning in the earliest days of "timesharing" systems in the 1960s and continuing right up to today. Along the way, readers meet (via their review comments inserted into the book) such UNIX luminaries as Ken Thompson (original inventor of UNIX while at AT&T... (more)

Linux Looking Forward: Twenty Linux Luminaries Look at Linux in 2004

In the course of putting this issue together we decided we wanted to get some predictions for what will be happening with Linux over the next year. So, we came up with some questions and sent them out to a bunch of people we know in the Linux community whose opinions we respect. Well, the response surprised us to say the least. It seemed like everyone had some ideas. The community of people that is developing around this magazine really came through! After we saw the response we were getting, we thought our readers might be interested in giving us some of their ideas as well, so w... (more)

SYS-CON Radio interviews Thomas Essebier of SnapGear

SYS-CON Radio interviews Thomas Essebier, VP Software Engineering for SnapGear Listen to the interview ... (more)