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"Those who do not understand UNIX are doomed to reinvent it, poorly." – Henry Spencer, Usenet signature, November 1987 So begins the first chapter of Eric Raymond's newest book, The Art of UNIX Programming. In the pages that follow Eric does his best to make sure readers do understand UNIX by bringing them along on a journey beginning in the earliest days of "timesharing" systems in the 1960s and continuing right up to today. Along the way, readers meet (via their review comments inserted into the book) such UNIX luminaries as Ken Thompson (original inventor of UNIX while at AT&T Bell Labs), David Korn (who wrote the Korn shell), Brian Kernighan (Author of the classic book The C Programming Language), and a number of others. The Art of UNIX Programming is a seminal work from one of the masters in the field. Eric strives to achieve two equally important goals with thi... (more)

Riding the Open Innovation Wave with Linux

Innovation is the lifeblood of the technology industry. With every new technical innovation comes a whole new crop of companies riding the wave of change as they try to build companies (and sometimes even whole industries) out of the Next Big Thing. Ask Thomas Reardon of Openwave Systems about Linux and innovation and he'll have some pretty strong opinions. And he should know - in fact, Reardon (as he's known) was selected this year as one of the World's Top Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's magazine of innovation. Technology Review's Top Young Innovators list reads li... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Wim Coekaerts of Oracle

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Wim Coekaerts, Principal, Linux Kernel Group for Oracle Listen to the interview ... (more)

Linux Made Easy

This new MSBlaster worm attacking Windows XP and 2003 operating systems is so bad that even the Department of Homeland Security has issued advisories against it. Instead of applying a patch for this problem -- only to have to apply another patch as soon as the next vulnerability is exploited -- why not just move to Linux? Recent innovations in the Linux community have made this easier than ever. Ease of use is better, installation is easier, hardware support is better, and there are more and better applications available. If you've ever considered making the switch, now is the t... (more)

SYS-CON Radio interviews Sam Greenblatt

SYS-CON Radio interviews Sam Greenblatt, SVP & Chief Architect of Computer Associates about CA's push into the Open Innovation Model, live at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2003 in San Francisco. Click here to listen  [interview in MP3 format] ... (more)