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Mark Hinkle, LinuxWorld Magazine's editor of desktop technology and CIO of NeTraverse, makers of Win4Lin, talks to Kevin Bedell about the latest developments in the Linux desktop and Windows-to-Linux migration. LWM: Your Dr. Migration column has been very popular with our readers; what gave you the idea to start writing it? Mark Hinkle: I guess it was mostly a product of my own frustrations as I moved from being primarily a Windows user to being primarily a Linux user. I found it tough to read main pages and search newsgroups for answers to my questions just because the level of technical expertise was so great there and hard for a naïve user to comprehend. I wanted to offer a resource for people like me who were management professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other vocations that were not IT specific, so they could understand how to run Linux in a less int... (more)

Version Control with Subversion

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with the authors of Version Control with Subversion. In this interview, they discuss what Subversion is, migrating to Subversion, and, of course, music. What is Subversion? Subversion is an open source version control system. It was designed to be a compelling replacement for CVS - preserving the basic workflow and user experience of that system, but providing significant improvements over CVS's model (and its implementation). Who hosts it and what license is it distributed under? Is the license OSI approved? Subversion is hosted by CollabNe... (more)

Linux.SYS-CON.com's Editor Responds to SCO CEO's Open Letter

In his open letter to the open source community Darl McBride states, "it is clear that the Open Source community needs a business model that is sustainable if it is to grow beyond a part-time avocation into an enterprise-trusted development model." I have news for you, Darl -- a new business model has already been invented. You're just not a part of it. Whether using the Apache Web server, Linux, gcc, make, Apache Tomcat, PHP, or one of the many, many other open source packages, virtually every company today is heavily dependent upon open source. Virtually everyone. The 'collabor... (more)

'Free' or 'Open Source' - Which Kind of Software Do We Need Most?

In many ways the differences between the Free Software and Open Source software movements have more to do with social goals than the software itself.  The Free Software movement had its roots in Richard Stallman's initial effort to create a 'free' operating system. This effort led him to quit a job at MIT and begin working on it full-time. His primary goal and motivation was to create something to which all users had free and open access and that could be inspected and modified by the users themselves. He quit his job to dedicate all his time to this and to ensure that MIT would ... (more)

Riding the Open Innovation Wave with Linux

Innovation is the lifeblood of the technology industry. With every new technical innovation comes a whole new crop of companies riding the wave of change as they try to build companies (and sometimes even whole industries) out of the Next Big Thing. Ask Thomas Reardon of Openwave Systems about Linux and innovation and he'll have some pretty strong opinions. And he should know - in fact, Reardon (as he's known) was selected this year as one of the World's Top Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's magazine of innovation. Technology Review's Top Young Innovators list reads li... (more)