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Here is the set of questions we sent out to a number of the many Linux luminaries that we know and admire. Following the questions are the responses we received from Eric Raymond and John Terpstra (of the Samba team). The questions: Which Linux application area do you believe will grow the fastest in 2004? Will 2004 *finally* be the year when Linux makes significant in-roads on the desktop? Which distributions will show the greatest growth in 2004? What major Linux IPO or Linux acquisition will occur in 2004? What will be the coolest new Linux application in 2004? Will the SCO debacle slow Linux adoption over the next year? Will Tux finally get a girlfriend? Which Hollywood starlet might Tux run off with and secretly get married to? Or, make your own question(s) up...   Eric Raymond's responses: Which Linux application area do you believe will grow the fastest in 20... (more)

Linux Made Easy

This new MSBlaster worm attacking Windows XP and 2003 operating systems is so bad that even the Department of Homeland Security has issued advisories against it. Instead of applying a patch for this problem -- only to have to apply another patch as soon as the next vulnerability is exploited -- why not just move to Linux? Recent innovations in the Linux community have made this easier than ever. Ease of use is better, installation is easier, hardware support is better, and there are more and better applications available. If you've ever considered making the switch, now is the t... (more)

Linux.SYS-CON.com's Editor Responds to SCO CEO's Open Letter

In his open letter to the open source community Darl McBride states, "it is clear that the Open Source community needs a business model that is sustainable if it is to grow beyond a part-time avocation into an enterprise-trusted development model." I have news for you, Darl -- a new business model has already been invented. You're just not a part of it. Whether using the Apache Web server, Linux, gcc, make, Apache Tomcat, PHP, or one of the many, many other open source packages, virtually every company today is heavily dependent upon open source. Virtually everyone. The 'collabor... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Sun's CTO John Fowler

Kevin Bedell recently had the opportunity to talk with Sun Microsystems' John Fowler about open standards, Linux and Java, and Sun's contributions to the open source community. John Fowler is chief technology officer for Sun Microsystems' Software organization. He manages an Advanced Development group and reports directly to Jonathan Schwartz's organization. John has been with Sun for 12 years, with experience in software development and most recently corporate strategy. Prior to this appointment, John led technical strategy in Sun corporate, identifying leading technology trends... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Jeremy White of CodeWeavers

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Jeremy White, CEO of CodeWeavers Listen to the interview ... (more)